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Files Sharing

We share only Original files which are available on Official Developer’s website. All ISO Images / Zip files are untouched and legally packed as it is packed by its developers. We never include any a single text file to keep a name of This is guaranteed that all files are protected as it is on Official developers website. We are not permitted in any circumstance to provide any personal modified ISO, ZIP, DVD or any other Extension of files. If any user’s system get hurts because of downloaded Operating System, we are not responsible for user’s loss because we tested on our system and mentioned in each article that we tested or not. So, mainly our purpose and intention is never to hurt someone through cached mirrors. We just review in our opinions and leave it on users dependency.  We share files by caching mirrors to our different servers to provide maximum facility to our readers and subscribers.

Content Writing and Images Policy

We write our unique content and all content is protected but

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We translate and modify Specifications that are available on developers websites. We always try our best to explain everything that we know if any Operating System. Images that we post in our Contents are viral and picked from Google images randomly. We just put a simple Watermark on images to protect our content from fraudulent robots. We do not have any personal Right over Images. Anyone can use images anywhere anytime without our permission but for written content you have to ask personally to take advantage of our unique content.

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We never post any content that caused for a horrible legal end of the path. We always find and write with sharp, creative and unique idea on our websites. We are Professional DamasAdv group of websites.

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